What We Do

We prepare and trains students for careers in Fashion Design/arts for the Apparel/arts Industry globally and also conducting extra co-curricular activities for adults and kids. The training curriculum stimulates creative expression in all aspects of Fashion Design/arts, including fashion sketching, creative design, draping, sewing and pattern drafting and also provides the insight for arts &crafts through basic drawing sketching, rendering and paintings and also motivation towards creating crafts challenges. Students will understand the importance of communication and critical reasoning and the effect they have on this diversified and global industry. The training program is structured to challenge and inspire students by incorporating artistic, technical, and theoretical elements into a realistic approach to the Fashion Design/arts Industry. Also, we motivatethe emerging young talents through intensive summer/winter or after school courses for school students through activation of the concepts of arts & crafts, dance, instruments, yoga etc. in the community by holding and organizing various workshops, art & craft exhibitions & competitions in order to develop the capabilities.